People use weak passwords like pet’s names, children’s birthdates, favorite sports teams, and common words.

The fact is that most people have a difficult time creating and remembering long, complex, difficult-to-guess passwords.

The Good News!

You don’t have to change your passwords every 90 days.  In fact, here is the 2020 updated guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).[1]

The updated guidelines include:

Frequent password resets are no longer required. Resets are now only required in case a password is compromised or forgotten. (YAY!)

Today, NIST recommends the use of long passphrases instead of long, overly complex passwords. A Long Passphrase is a long string of words that you create to be memorable, and not common or easily guessable.  Example:  “I prefer smelling pizza car grease on Sunday.”

     This flexibility is much more acceptable and actionable to most people than the “complexity

            requirements” of the past. (Double YAY!)

However, screening new passwords against lists of common and compromised passwords is highly recommended. A good Password Manager Program does this for you! YAY!


The Best News Yet!

A good Password Manager Program will assist you in changing your passwords every 90 days for those sites that still follow the old requirements. You still only have to remember ONE passphrase into your Password Manager Program. 

  1. Don’t forget to always use 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Password Manager Program.

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It is simple for you to use a Password Manager Program that generates unique and un-compromised strong passwords for you that are long, complex, and difficult to guess passwords, but you do not have to remember them. The Password Manager Program remembers them for you.


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