Don’t Let End-of-Service Software or Hardware
Take Your Business Down

How Technology Reaching End of Service Can Impact Your Business

This checklist info sheet shows you
how software & hardware reaching End-of-Service
increases risk in your business and threatens to take you down.

Don't Be Left at Risk and in the Dark:
Upgrade to Be In Compliance with Data Security & Privacy Laws

You might be “tempted” to continue using software or hardware that has reached End-of-Service. This poses risks to your business. The fact is: End-of-Service technologies do not receive critical patches and updates, and that makes it a lot easier for internet criminals to successfully attack your business.

That’s the main reason that “Maintaining Software and Hardware to Current Standards” is one of

The 19 Essential Elements in True Small Business Data Security™.

When you break the law and do not protect all the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in your files, you make your business, and you, vulnerable to government fines and negligence lawsuits – think, “Very expensive!”. You can avoid these risks. The least expensive way to avoid serious vulnerability is to upgrade End-of-Service software or hardware. Instantly, you benefit by the manufacturer supporting your business with routine internal security measures and regular updates and patches.

Get our checklist info sheet today including:

  • increased security risks including data
  • performance issues for your staff
  • compatibility issues  
  • the compliance risks leading to fines, business closure and jail time  
  • and Ask Us about “intentional neglect” — the legal term that identifies your business as guilty.

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